Hello and Welcome!  I’m Sarah and I live in The Cotswolds with my husband (Mr Chandelier!), and our 3 children.  We live in a four bedroom cottage which we have done a lot of work to and it is still very much a work in progress.  As you will see from my blog, there is always something being created and usually some sort of chaos to accompany it.

img_2062I absolutely love to create, it is and has always been my whole life and I can mostly be found making something and running creative workshops for adults and children alongside my weekly craft clubs.  I am also usually renovating and refurbishing houses and anything else I fall in love with, or designing and creating, predominantly from textiles and wood, either for me, or to sell.

I have been designing and creating since I was 5 years old. I would spend all my pocket money on fabric, buttons and ribbon and skip home excitedly planning my next creation. I would then sit for hours on end making little felt bunnies and bears and creating little clothes for my dollies.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t create, or have a passion for interiors. My most favourite toys as a child were the Sindy Doll house I made from cardboard (just a tiny bit rickety) and my Weebles caravan.   As I got older, I was forever ‘designing’ and moving my bedroom around  which I shared with my sister –  she would frequently ask where her bed was today!  I tried out all the current painting techniques on my bedroom walls and by the time I was in my late teens, I had my first business making and selling beautiful things for babies like broderie anglaise moses baskets complete with little sheets and quilts, fabric lined rocking chairs and teddy bear mobiles from my 1 metre sq ‘studio’ in the corner of my bedroom!

Since childhood and throughout my career I have tried my hand at many different crafts and have both amassed and used an incredible amount of different materials and supplies.  I have a tiny little craft room which is actually a large cupboard, which really is like ‘Narnia!’  It is full to the brim of jar upon jar of sparkles and velvet flowers and beads and buttons and bows and shelves full of card upon card of trimmings and drawer upon drawer full of lace and ribbons and threads and wires and wooden shapes and every conceivable craft material you could possibly imagine.  There are bowls and dishes running round the edges full of sparkling trims and bead strings and diamante hearts and shapes and lace scraps and trays of teeny buttons and fabric tapes and lots more tiny fabric flowers.  There are lots of half finished projects just ‘waiting’ for just the right bit of trim or sparkle and little fairies, toadstools, angels, birds and woodland creatures just hanging everywhere.  I turn on the fairy lights, close the doors and love to get lost for hours in a secret bubble of magic and sparkle.

I have always sold my creations one way or another and having been told on so many occasions that my passion inspires them to make something, some time ago I set up creative workshops in The Cotswolds.  Having been asked repeatedly by children and their mummies, I also set up 2 weekly craft clubs at my local schools which were full almost immediately.  I absolutely love teaching in my workshops and my craft clubs and I can’t begin to tell how wonderful it is to inspire people and see the look of pride on their faces when they create something special they never imagined they could do – it’s just magical.  Their Testimonials are really touching.

I adore shabby chic, country, vintage, rustic, fabric, haberdashery and of course chandeliers and roses (of which I have far too many) and basically love all things pretty! I do also love a bit of magic and sparkle in my life and try to slip it in whenever I can.

On my blog you will find makeovers and interior projects, craft and creative projects and ideas, storage solutions, clothes customisation, a little gardening, a little bit of my sometimes quite mad family life and whatever else I feel like doing! Inspiring and motivating – I really hope so – crazy – definitely!!! So come on in and let’s get lost for a while, let’s escape reality and create something lovely together.

I would always love to hear from you, I love to talk – especially about all things creative and would be delighted to answer any question, you can contact me at chandeliersandroseshq@gmail.com

Much Love,

Sarah xx

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    • Hi Elyse, thank you so very much for your lovely comment. Our aesthetic is indeed unbelievably similar. How fabulous if you lived in the this Country as we would simply have to meet. You would love my Craft room and my House and I would absolutely love yours, can you imagine the fun we would have with each others materials! I have your first book and I absolutely love it and have read your post on how it came to be several times as it has long been a goal of mine to write a craft book. Much Love, Sarah xx


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