Weddings & Events

Getting married or holding an important event like a Christening or special Birthday is an absolutely magical and special time in your life and it is one of the few occasions where you can really create a totally ‘wow’ backdrop to your special day.

However, creating an amazing backdrop to your Wedding or event does not necessarily need to be ridiculously expensive, you just need to select certain props and products to make a totally amazing first, and continual impression.

Giant Shabby Chic Heart.JPG

This stunning and beautiful Giant Shabby Chic Twig Heart is one metre high and one metre wide and would certainly make an absolutely fabulous first impression.  Can you imagine having some of your wedding  photos with this behind you.  It has been entirely hand made from scratch and I make loads of special, different and unique items like this.

I would be happy to have a meeting with you at my house to ‘play’ with and view flowers and materials and discuss!  My imagination and the possibilities are endless  –  the world is your oyster!