Fairies – Make whatever you like!

I received an order yesterday from one of my loveliest customers who really loves anything that I create.


The best part about the order, was the fact that she gave me a budget and said “Make me something for my 3-year-old God-daughter”.  I cannot begin to tell you what an absolutely special and lovely feeling that provokes – to be trusted completely and to know that whatever you make she will love – beautiful and exciting to know that I can stop whatever I am doing and make something special for someone who really appreciates it and even more wonderful to be paid for it!  I put so much love into anything I create and this lovely lady both knows and appreciates that – she totally steps into my world and feels the magic as much as I do.

I had a very tight deadline – 2 days – but I couldn’t wait to escape into my little world of magic and sparkle for just a while to see what I came up with.

I decided upon some fairies to hang from her bedroom ceiling as firstly, they are quite magical when you hang them from invisible thread and movement within the room makes them spin around – what child wouldn’t love that.  Secondly, they were perfect for her budget and thirdly, after checking the child’s room colours, I could do them to match her room.


I make them from vintage style clothes pegs, netting and tulle, wire, beads and wool and each one is different.  I actually did a Fairy Workshop last November where some lovely ladies came and made these.  They had a really lovely time and were quite rightly proud of the fairies they made which were truly adorable.  I love seeing the choices of materials my students make and the end results – every one is so different.

For my lady, I chose to do one in pink and the other two in predominantly white with lilac and pink sashes.  They each have beaded wings, little wire arms and sweet little faces.  Sometimes, when I do an event I put them on a 5′ tree and hang all ‘my girls’ from the branches and I get lots of lovely comments as they do look a bit cute swinging about in the breeze, with all their different coloured sashes on!


I wrote this little card and attached a little bag with several metres of invisible thread inside it and wrapped them all together in white tissue paper.



When my customer arrived to collect them, she loved them immediately and when she saw the card her exact words were “Ohh, Ohh I can’t believe it, you should be on the TV!”  I’m not entirely sure what she meant, but I know for sure it was a compliment  – just magical.  She so wanted to keep them for her own daughters birthday which is in a week’s time!  However, she had to deliver them tomorrow morning so she asked me to make her another one – to add to the additional order she placed which was, you’ve guessed it, “make me something for my daughter’s birthday next week”!  Hmmm….

Have a creative weekend and show me what you make.

Much Love

Sarah xx

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